Doing Business In Turkey

Turkey is located at the intersection of strategic trade routes on three continents. Besides, Istanbul is a major regional air hub connecting passengers within a four-hour flight radius to more than 40 capital cities in Europe, Western and Central Asia, the Middle East and Africa.

Turkey has undergone profound economic transformation since the country emerged from the financial crisis it had in 2001. Today, Turkey’s economy is one of the largest in Europe and the MENA region. The country currently ranked as the 6th highest GDP in Europe and the 17th in the world, measured according to purchasing power parity.

Turkey has the youngest population in Europe, with half the population aged 30 or less. With its young and active population, rising income levels, growing global influence, transport facilities, dynamic free market economy, and strong growth potential, Turkey offers immense business opportunities for foreign investors in a great variety of sectors.

The main objective of this section is to provide potential investors with basic knowledge about Turkey through identifying core issues associated with initial research, market entry, and risk management.

In this sense, we have specified six essential topics with a view to explain the legal environment of what foreign investors have to deal with before, during, or after conducting business operations in Turkey.

Please select a topic from the left-hand menu to view the table of core issues under the related topic.

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