Litigation & ADR

Gurulkan & Çakır represents corporate and individual clients in all types of civil and commercial proceedings, as well as appeals, at all phases and instances before Turkish courts. We handle a wide spectrum of cases including commercial and financial contracts; trademark and copyright; unfair competition; consumer protection; restructuring within or outside bankruptcy; directors’, officers’ and other professionals’ liability and employment issues. Our approach is to deliver practical solutions that will minimize cost, maximize the efficient handling of the dispute and ensure the best outcome for the clients’ business.

We deliver legal opinions on potentially contentious matters and carry out preventative analyses to identify and avoid probable adverse consequences. We also design and implement the pre-litigation and litigation strategies best suited to our clients’ interests.

The result of a court case depends on strong cooperation with clients, whether they be legal professionals from home or overseas, corporate lawyers, or company directors. We assist our clients in a very real sense, by being in the forefront and not hesitating where necessary to take tactical and strategic decisions when much is at risk.

Our team regularly acts for clients in the recognition and enforcement of foreign court judgments as well as international arbitral awards before Turkish courts.

We also embrace alternative dispute resolution methods to help clients avoid lengthy litigation proceedings. Our specialists get the most out of ADR by preserving business relationships wherever possible through mediated settlements.

Mediation is increasingly becoming an integral part of the litigation process in Turkey and is a viable option in many cases before going to court. Some of our team members are also serving as certified mediators with an in depth understanding of the process. Our team is well-trained in the techniques of effective mediation and the development of a mediation strategy with the client to achieve the client’s goals.

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